Little Ballerinas! {Children’s Dance Photography}

With the holiday season approaching, they practiced to ‘Santa Baby’ getting ready for their big Holiday Performances!  These lil’ prima ballerinas are studying dance through Concord Parks and Rec.,  taught by our very own Stylist, Crystal Kent!  Joined by Shelly Waldman, who was in town for the weekend, we had our old team back in full swing.  I think one of the best parts of shooting these little stars is remembering being a little dreamer myself on Saturday mornings.  Of course back then the tights were itchy and my russian ballet mistress was extremely strict and hard to understand.  Crystal on the other hand is the perfect  ballet teacher.  She studied dance at UC Santa Cruz and mixes her enthusiasm for dance with her new mommy skills and does amazing things with these adorable little beauties.  When they found out that the point shoes they were holding belonged to a real ballerina, Mayo Sugano Raab who dances with  Diablo Ballet,  (Celebrating their 20th season,) they didn’t want to give them up!
Beautiful Ballerinas



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