The Wedding of Mary Wakefield O’Neal & Bob Wilson July 19th, 2014 {Bay Area Weddings}

I had just stepped off the plane from Milano, when I realized that Mary and Bob would be getting on a similar airplane headed for Italia in a few days….  Along with a few friends…. haha…. As is customary with Mary and Bob’s travels and the life they have so beautifully brought together.  It only seemed ‘normal’ that they would share their bella la vita with 100 friends and family at their beautiful home in Lafayette.  I had met Mary through Lynn Reifsteck from  Vibe Studio – (shameless plug)… and Terri Thatcher.  How excited we were to find out that we would be able to be there and photograph their beautiful event. The details were exquisite, I’ll write about them soon with pics- the Brazilian fare was amazing. Barbara Llewellyn Catering and Event Planning did an amazing job!

For now… here’s the sneak peek!

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Shelly - August 11, 2014 - 2:59 pm

These are beautiful. Loved the bride getting ready sequence. Well done Tif.

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